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A little more detail can be added about the options that are available to them.


We have financing plans designed with the purpose of giving peace of mind to families who decide responsibly to anticipate difficult moments caused by the loss of a loved one.


Diferencia entre camposanto y cementerio

Difference between cemetery and cemetery

Before clarifying the differences between one and the other, it is good to include a fairly important term in this information, which would be pantheon. The pantheon is an altar or a physical structure that pays homage

Porqué es importante contar con un paquete preventivo

Why it is important to have a preventive package

Life is a sum of decisions and in this line, we must understand that preventive or future packages, as they are called, are a very important option to avoid careers and expenses

Diferentes formas de conservar las cenizas de un ser querido

Different ways to preserve the ashes of a loved one

At present, statistics indicate that more and more families are opting for cremation when saying goodbye to their loved ones. But many people wonder what to do

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We have prepared a guide with important details for planning a funeral. In it you will find all the required elements. Download now!