Porqué es importante contar con un paquete preventivo

Why it is important to have a preventive package

Life is a sum of decisions and in this line, we must understand that preventive or future packages, as they are called, are an extremely important option to avoid major careers and expenses at a difficult time.

Preventive plans can cover lots or niches, funeral packages and also cremation in its different packages. Thinking of a preventive plan is taking care of your future, it is loving your family and an eventual unscheduled expense.

No one is exempt from a fatality, in fact, it is something that can happen to us at any time, it has been asked: what would happen if someone close to us dies? Do I have the budget to cover a funeral, a candle and the purchase of space? All of these questions are the ones to ask in order to make the right decision: a preventive plan.

La Piedad offers you multiple options of preventive plans, adapted to your budget and with the most detailed needs in services. We know that, in those moments, making decisions is very difficult, so we urge you to think about your future, today.

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