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What is a cemetery?

It is the place where the remains of a deceased person are buried. They are places that are closed and, in addition, they can be of different sizes. The coffins or coffins are buried underground in niches or mausoleums.


The word comes from ancient Greek and means \»place to sleep\» . Because they are places where the bodies rest.

In ancient times it was customary for bodies to be buried in the courtyard of churches, until the 19th century, because then civilization arrived and architects, sculptors and gardeners took care of the aesthetics of cemeteries.

One of the consequences of civilization and the growth of cities is that there were so many bodies that there was no space to bury them and this caused the water to become contaminated. Until Napoleon Bonaparte came to solve this problem.

However, the situation was resolved until the 17th century and the solution was to deposit the bones in the catacombs. But another problem arose again and Napoleon gave the order to build gardens around the city.

Can they be visited?

Yes, anyone can visit it, in general, the relatives of the deceased are the ones who frequent these places, since they are going to visit people who are no longer in this life. Another reason why they are very frequented is because some are tourist attractions due to their architecture.

How to know if a relative is in a cemetery?

In all these sites there is a record with the data of the deceased. If you arrive and provide the name with surnames of the deceased person, the person in charge will be able to know if he is in that place. Also, you can also say the date he passed away and the administrators will be able to look it up in the system.

What days can you go?

In general, you can go any day, it should be noted that each one has its established schedules, and on some occasions it can vary, since on special dates they usually hold events that possibly tend to last longer. If you need to know about the schedule, you just have to contact with them.


  • Religious: These are the traditional ones and any religion can have one.
  • Christians: Usually, they are those of the church.
  • Municipal: They are administered by the municipalities.
  • Private: These are those created and managed by funeral homes, such as our La Piedad cemetery.
  • Aquatics: This is the option of throwing the ashes of your loved one into the sea.

The 7 most famous cemeteries in the world

1. Pere Lachaise in Paris

It is the largest in Paris and is currently used as a park, people enjoy walking around, as it has maze-like streets, full of abandoned tombs. Some of the famous people found buried are:

  • Chopin
  • delacroix
  • Georges Melies
  • Jim Morrison
  • Edith Piaf
  • Oscar Wilde

2. Arlington National in Virginia

Veterans of all wars are buried here, from the War of Independence to the Iraq War. The most famous graves are that of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.


3. Mount Jerome in Dublin

Located in Dublin, Ireland, it is characterized by its Gothic style in the chapels and tombstones . Their tombs are deteriorated and can give the impression of a gloomy place, however, it is still an attractive place to visit.

4. Saint Louis in New Orleans

The most famous tomb is that of Marie Laveau, the queen of voodoo. It was built in the 18th and 19th centuries, it is a set of 3 cemeteries.

5. Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague

In ancient times it was called the Jewish garden, in the fifteenth century it was when it began to be used to bury the deceased, until the year 1787. It is a place that is full of bodies upon more bodies with more than 100,000 corpses and 12,000 tombstones .

6. Almudena in Madrid

It is one of the largest in Europe and in Madrid. It is a modernist or modernist style design, it has a large entrance and the most attractive thing about this place is the story its walls tell.

7. Skogskyrkogården, Forest Cemetery in Stockholm

It is declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994, there are around 50,000 tombs that are divided into two areas, one of them is known as the Forest of Memory, where people are buried anonymously. It is made up of chapels and a crematorium.

The city of the dead (Egypt)

It is of Muslim origin and is located in Cairo. It is one of the largest in the world, it has been inhabited by half a million people, this makes it a very popular place. Here you can see many mausoleums and tombstones of all sizes.

We hope you have learned about this type of architecture, one of the most famous in the world, its origin and its different models. If you need information about our cemeteries , remember that you can contact us.

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