Diferencia entre camposanto y cementerio

Difference between cemetery and cemetery

Before clarifying the differences between one and the other, it is good to include a fairly important term in this information, which would be pantheon. The pantheon is an altar or a physical structure that pays homage to a deceased person, while a cemetery is the physical space where corpses are deposited.

Thus, out of habit, people began to call any grave "pantheon" and, also by extension, cemeteries. The normal characteristics of a cemetery is that it is full of crosses, monuments, tombs and statues, all combined.

The cemeteries are gardens, where natural beauty is mixed with the peace of a place that offers a tribute to the people who rest there. Normally, the cemeteries are green spaces with small tombstones with the information of the deceased.

In Costa Rica, the best example of a cemetery is the General, located in the southern savannah, where the remains of several former presidents are found and also, where there are majestic architectures and statues in tribute to the deceased. For its part in cemeteries, the leader without a doubt in La Piedad, since we have 9 cemeteries throughout the Greater Metropolitan Area, all with impressive natural beauty and with an atmosphere of peace without anything.

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