Diferentes formas de conservar las cenizas de un ser querido

Different ways to preserve the ashes of a loved one

At present, statistics indicate that more and more families are opting for cremation when saying goodbye to their loved ones. But many people wonder about what to do once they have the ashes and here we provide some solutions to this question.

At La Piedad we offer 3 options for the preservation of ashes, in all of them we are pioneers and we seek the comfort and satisfaction of all our clients. The options are:

Columbariums: the word columbarium means dovecote and it is given that name because of its similarity to dovecotes. The columbariums are locker-type spaces, with the ability to store two urns.

We have this option in the Moravia cemetery and the Heredia cemetery. The methodology is simple, the space is rented for 5 years and the customer is given a key and another is held by the customer service department.

Cenizarios: The ashes are spaces under the ground, in the shade of a beautiful tree, with capacity for two ones with ashes. In harmony with nature, they provide the option of placing a tombstone with the name and details of the deceased.

La Piedad has a choice of ashlars in the Coronado, Desamparados, Escazú, Palmares and Santo Tomás cemeteries. All in beautiful gardens where peace is found in every corner.

Árbol de vida®:  They are underground spaces with biodegradable urns to deposit the ashes of your loved one, placing a tombstone with his name, from where a bush will grow, thus giving him a tribute to life.

Our trees of life can be found in the Coronado, Desamparados, Escazú, Palmares and Santo Tomás cemeteries.

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