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Difference between cemetery and cemetery

Before clarifying the differences between one and the other, it is good to include a fairly important term in this information, which would be pantheon. The pantheon is an altar or a physical structure that pays homage

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Why it is important to have a preventive package

Life is a sum of decisions and in this line, we must understand that preventive or future packages, as they are called, are a very important option to avoid careers and expenses

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Different ways to preserve the ashes of a loved one

At present, statistics indicate that more and more families are opting for cremation when saying goodbye to their loved ones. But many people wonder what to do

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Grief management

It is important to understand that grief is the personal and subjective response to face a loss of any kind (a family member, a pet, a job, etc.). Given this, the process of accepting grief is

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Cremation Advantages

Despite being a very ancient technique, cremation is considered a modern funeral service. We have changed the traditional burials by having the ashes in the house, in an ashlar or in